Here you can keep up to date on our Municipal, Provincial and Federal demands. These demands are in direct reflection to what we are hearing from the community and help to guide our work.

 With the recent vote on the 2022 Ottawa Municipal Police Budget our demands are centred on creating a collective consciousness on the city’s misuse of funds. This negligence poses a public safety risk to made vulnerable communities and has historically been highlighted by the Ottawa Police Services very own statistics. 


Our demands are as follows:


1. Freeze the 2021 Ottawa Police Services operating budget

2. Create a community based inquiry process to end violent dynamic entries, police mental health checks, and sexual assaults by police.

3. Create specific resources and supports for Black and Indigenous students facing violence in schools.

4. End the School Resource Officer Program across all Ottawa school boards.

5. Increase targeted funding for Black and Indigenous led community projects and organizations.

6. Targeted policy, funding, and education initiatives to put an end to anti-Black and anti-Indigenous violence and neglect in the health care system.

7. Increase funding for public services directed at Black and Indigenous community.

8. Implement an affordable housing plan to provide low income families with safe, clean

and stable housing.

9. End police involvement in mental health and addictions response.

10. Reallocate and invest funds into community led public safety initiatives.